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10 Tips to supercharge your LinkedIn experience

Times have moved ahead, just a resume or a CV may not be enough to get you into the limelight whether you are an aspiring job seeker, the key opinion leader or looking to be head hunted. But try as we may, LinkedIn for many of us remains well… a good showcase place, but not a super magnet for all our needs. Here are some tips to get past the ordinary with your LinkedIn account.

  1. Know what purpose your LinkedIn profile serves, job-seeker, showcase or key opinion leader
  2. Ensure it is free of any grammatical errors, case issues (upper vs lower mixing), factual errors and that it is up to date
  3. Use a professional photo, headline, and summary. This is where 99% of the profile browsers have their first impression.
  4. Weed out your unnecessary vs necessary and known vs. unknown connections. A bigger network doesn’t necessarily result in better traction
  5. Realize that a LinkedIn profile is not your CV. Write LinkedIn profiles in a more personal and focused tone rather than the management jargon or the drone type of sounding text that makes it more CV like.
  6. Get professional help in writing your LinkedIn profile, it is well worth it.
  7. Join the right groups where members of your fraternity are.
  8. Get PREMIUM membership. It is worth the investment if you also know how to leverage it well.
  9. Clear out your LinkedIn message inbox and connection requests. An account with plenty of them pending can lead to an impression that you are not active on LinkedIn
  10. Get recommendations which are relevant from other users. Also importantly proofread these recommendations.